Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger is a well read but formally uneducated man who lived the greater proportion of his life observing and learning from nature. His insights and applications are so beautiful in their simplicity and in their application so harmonious with nature that his work and ideas deserve far greater recognition.

The inventor of what he called “implosion technology”, Schauberger developed his own theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature. He built actuators for airplanes, ships, silent turbines, self-cleaning pipes and equipment for cleaning and so-called “refinement” of water to create spring water, which he used as a remedy.

Schauberger’s theories aren’t accepted in the scientific community. However, Schauberger’s work remains an inspiration to many people in the Green movement for his own observations of nature.

In 1952, at Stuttgart Technical University, Schauberger claimed that tests were carried out by Prof. Franz Popel, on behalf of the West German government, to determine the validity of his ideas on water movement. Tests were performed on Schauberger’s specially designed copper pipes, which had a conical, spiral, rifled shape, with apparent success confirming Schauberger’s idea.

In 1958 Schauberger was approached by Karl Gerchsheimer and Robert Donner, with an invitation to come to the US to further develop his inventions.

Schauberger spent several months in the US writing articles and drawing sketches. After the project failed by problems with his US-partners he had to sell all his work and patents to buy a flight ticket back home. He returned to Austria and died in Linz, Austria, on September 25, 1958, 5 days after having returned to Linz.

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