This Is Health

A small child has decided to paint the picture of a house in time for a mother’s birthday.

In her little mind the house is already painted;

She knows, what it is to be like, down to the very smallest detail, there remains only to put it on paper.

To the best of her ability she has put her idea of a house into form.

It is a work of art because it is all her very own, every stroke done out of love for her mother, every window, every door painted in with the conviction that it is meant to be there.

Even if it looks like a haystack, it is the most perfect house that has ever been painted: it is a success because the little artist has put her whole heart and soul, her whole being into it.

This is health, this is success and happiness and true service. Serving through love in perfect freedom in our own way.

However, if someone came along and said “Why not put a window here and a door there; and of course the garden path should go this way”

The result in the child will be complete loss of interest in the work; she may become cross, irritated, unhappy, afraid to refuse these suggestions; begin to hate the picture and perhaps tear it up. In fact according to the type of child, so will be the reaction.

The final picture may be a recognizable house, but it is an imperfect one and a failure because it is the interpretation of another’s thoughts, not the child’s.This is disease, the reaction to interference. This is temporary failure and unhappiness: and this occurs when we allow others to interfere with our purpose in life and implant in our minds doubt, or fear, or indifference”

– Edward Bach