Svetlitsa – VITA

Will the Svetlitsa reduce alcohol dependence?
These and similar questions are often sent to us. And we say YES! WILL HELP!

Methods of using the device “Svetlitsa – VITA”

Recovering energy and systems of the body

carry the device close to the body (eg, in a pocket or as a medallion) label to himself, and at night you can put the device under a pillow. Thereby you clean your own space. Energy and systems of the body begin to recover that gradually impact on improving health, enhancing performance.

To speed up the recovery fix on the problem area (such as in the liver). The designated physician treatment process will be accelerated, the pain will decrease.

If you make a measurement of the blood, you will see favorable changes (increased hemoglobin, boost immunity, etc.) Structuring of drinking water “Svetlitsa” affects virtually all of the parameters characterizing the organoleptic properties of drinking water , bacterial count, even the chemical composition, but mostly water modifies the information structure. To activate the device is installed under the water tank with water up label for at least 20-30 minutes (volume 1.2 liters. By increasing the amount and proportion of water increases the processing time). Such water can be drunk in unlimited quantities, to cook on it, water the flowers, water the animals, take a bath. Water energy has a positive effect on the entire body. Thus there is a cleansing of the body. Flushes toxins and products of alcohol breakdown.

How does Svetlitsa – VITA

In this device, no power, nor any known physical fields. His work is based on the latest achievements of the theory of physical structures – information management structure of spacetime. Any object immersed in space – while the environment and has its own structure. But the space – time, non-uniform, it also has a structure. These structures interact, exchange information. But there are other structures that may pollute. They can be called interference, as they may distort the information exchange, creating interference for running processes.
Svetlitsa – Vita reduces the effects of interference and enhances the operation of the main systems of the body. If under the influence of environmental interferences person starts to behave poorly, consumed in large doses, alcohol, show aggression, then Svetlitsa Vita will help to remove these distortions and normalize behavior, reducing the craving for alcohol .
Let’s imagine that you want to measure the device current or voltage in the network. If there is strong interference, then it is difficult to do so, as the device rolls over and reading it are constantly changing.What to do in this case? Roughened instrument. Install it on a different measuring range. In this case, it is already possible to obtain an approximate value of the measured values. Alcohol is a frequent speaker so human perception system in a highly distorted noise (stress factors) habitat.Svetlitsa Vita, reducing the noise level, allows a person to become more adequate the outside world, increases its stability , which reduces the need for alcohol or drugs. alcohol addiction level is gradually reduced and the person returns to a normal life, finding harmony and love ones.