Svetlitsa series LAD

System adapter to improve the safe use of mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens and other appliances.

Modern electrical devices, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens and other devices designed without taking into account the quantum agreement. Very often, their structures are in conflict with the quantum structure of the person and violating his interaction with the world.

With the help of  a personal system adapter “LAD”  appliances becomes a unique quality – the ability to restore the structure of quantum human. Wherein:

  1. health improves
  2. Increased efficiency
  3. Increases the accuracy of decision-making
  4. strengthens intuition
  5. Reduced conflict in interpersonal interactions
  6. Increase the adaptive capacity of the organism to the unfavorable factors of the environment
  7. The body is more resistant to stress
  8. It strengthens the immune system

Work system adapter “Lad”

Most people believe that electromagnetic fields have a detrimental effect on the person. And if you reduce the radiation level is below a certain allowable value, then it will not harm. Modern electrical devices (phones, computers, microwave ovens) have a low level of emissions and, according to the manufacturer, it is safe.

Meanwhile, many publications in the press of the impact on human studies of these devices suggest otherwise.

What’s the matter? Who is right?

Research studies have shown that people respond to very weak and super-weak field. They are extremely sensitive information systems. It was found that the emission level of almost no influence on the body (at constant frequency and amplitude of the signal). The body responds to the change (modulation) signal. In other words, the radiation affects the information structure. If it is not consistent with the structure of the body of radiation, its information system begins to “deal” with the information had come – to handle it in order to develop the reaction.

Perhaps it is a signal of danger, and the need to escape or hide, and can raise the blood pressure or lower body temperature. That is starting unbalance parameters of the body .
The body spends energy and their resources to adapt to new external parameters. Since the information resource of the body is limited, the lack of it begins to adapt to the real environment. Thus, people have reduced the possibility of adaptation, they are more mistakes, reduces the quality of decisions, sit down body systems (immune, endocrine, nervous, and so forth.).

The system adapter “LAD” there is no power supply or any fields.

It special structure is formed on the thin film, which ensures coordination of the human structure and the structure of the electrical device (phone, computer, TV, etc.).
In this case the body ceases to spend their resources (such as energy and information) in the treatment of excess is not necessary for the life of the information. Free resources used by man for the restoration of its information system.

This is clearly seen when measuring human glow discharge visualization on the device. Before use of the device in humans defects glow visible structure.

After using the device Lad (for example, on the phone) in humans normalized glow, aura disappear breakdowns. This suggests a beneficial effect on people’s Lad device.

The pictures you see Kirlianograms human aura before and after LAD adapter:


We see a significant improvement in the aura (glow area has doubled). This glow around the body characterizes the quality of our interaction with the environment, since it reflects the structure of quantum human. The brighter and more uniform illumination of the better interaction.

To reconcile quantum structures of mobile phones and other electrical devices with quantum structure of man and developed a personal system adapter LAD.