Svetlisa – OECH U-SEE

Front room – OECH U-SEE (bandage)

Blindfolds , OECH U-SEE is a systemic view of the adapter.

Imagine that you have a tool that helps you to change the world for the better, lets see it from an unexpected source, and open it something new, previously unknown.

Dressing OECH U-SEE is such a tool. It helps:

  • develop a new quality of vision;
  • effectively develop technology realization of desires ;
  • be a wonderful, notice that before you did not notice;
  • become personable, learn to present that before and you could not imagine;
  • increase creativity.

Front room – OECH U-SEE (stickers)

Curative effects:

  • It improves the microcirculation in the capillaries around the eyes.
  • It relaxes the muscles of the eyes and optic nerves.
  • Quickly eliminates eye fatigue.
  • Effectively prevents the occurrence of eye diseases.
  • It prevents the appearance of puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

The cosmetic effect is a decrease in tension in the muscles and periocular rejuvenation of the skin. Action structure OECH U-SEE is manifested in the tangible improvement of vision . Relieves tension in the muscles of the eye, vitreous structure is restored, the lens and the cornea. It will help to cope with a headache and strain to get rid of insomnia and morning swelling eyes. It improves blood circulation perefricheskoe in the contact area improves the delivery of oxygen tissues, promoting well-being and proper rest during sleep. Dreams are vivid and memorable.


  • To remove eye fatigue.
  • The complex in the treatment of eye diseases, myopia in children and adolescents.
  • To remove a morning eye puffiness.
  • To improve the cosmetic effect for eye lotions.
  • To remove the headaches associated with eye strain.
  • For a quick and comfortable sleep.

Are your eyes the main organs of vision? It is known that on-eye image formed in the brain. The way the brain processes information depends poluchemoy quality pictures.

Since OECH U-SEE improves structural connections in the neurons, the image is formed by a full and bright.

The brain receives information not only from the view. There are other receptors that help the brain to navigate the world. There are a number of schools that teach the formation of an image of the world of alternative sources of information.

The best known of these School Golden Ray N. Denisov, school Mark Kommisarova, Bronnikova school.They have developed a number of effective techniques for the development of an alternative vision.

Dressing OECH U-SEE turn helps in the formation of the visual image of these alternative information channels that enhances and complements the image obtained via the optical channel.

By using appropriate techniques, using bandages OECH U-SEE, alternative vision easily turn into a stable information channel. And you can implement in addition to an alternative vision:

  • four-dimensional vision (see the contents of the vessels, the hidden walls);
  • X-ray vision (vision of the internal organs)
  • KNOWLEDGE vision (visual image is not formed, but there is knowledge about the subject)
  • increase and decrease in vision (seen in binoculars or a microscope)
  • twilight vision (seen in poor light and darkness)
  • and other interesting modes.

OECH U-SEE is helping to create visual images that arise without going through the visual channel.Imagination, fantasy, PRESENTATION – all cases in which a bandage OECH U-SEE will help to create a colorful picture.

Architect to create a project, it must first be submitted. The artist must first present a picture so he could draw it. Any business will be more successful if it is possible to imagine its final incarnation. The better the imagination, the more successful any creative activity.

Dressing OECH U-SEE helps to develop imagination and creative implementation.

At the reception, many techniques based Visualization realization of desires and reality control. The more precise, brighter and more harmonious picture is obtained, the more successful the realized dreams.

Dressing OECH U-SEE will help you create high-quality rendering, full of vitality and faith.