Improving the quality of life.

  • Enhances the adaptive capabilities of the individual
  • Restores information links in the body and removes conflict and tension.

The Super-Svetlitsa improves the quality of life.

  • It produces a healing effect on all the vital systems of the body.
  • It increases the energy potential of the individual
  • Decrease the waste of energy resources
  • Unnecessary information is no longer an issue for the individual
  • Less unwanted information allows the body’s energy system is improved.


The term “Bright People” is not a metaphor, but real People with High Luminosity (energy)

The Super – Svetlitsa increases the individual’s luminosity.
The individual may find they feel uncomfortable when dealing with people with low luminosity, while using the Super Svetlitsa.
At the same time, they will be attracted to others with higher luminosity.

Normalization of the oppressed body systems

Studies carried out in various research institutes have confirmed the main effect of the Svetlitsa is normalization of the oppressed body systems
(immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc.). If the controlled parameters of the individual systems are below the norm, the Super-Svetlitsa will increase the system or energy, should the parameter be above the norm the Super-Svetlitsa will then decrease the parameters.

The body systems will gradually begin to approach normal .
Nothing happens when the body parameters are at the normal baseline values.

The Svetlitsa can not harm the body and has no negative side effects.

It should be noted that Svetlitsa is not a cure and does not replace the treatment prescribed by your doctor.
It can help with depression, which has not yet caused irreversible physiological changes in the body.

Using Svetlitsa with any therapy will allow for a faster recovery.

Other positive results:

  • Reduces fatigue, improves sleep.
  • Improves physical confidence.
  • Increased psychological stability.

Super Svetlitsa users have reported that:

1. Their intuition and quality of decisions have improved.
2. The integrity of interactions can reveal a more fullness of life.
3. New possibilities,content, new connections seem to occur.

External Changes

Individuals who have used the Super Svetlitsa have noted positive external results :

  • The development of such a system is gradually and steadily, appearing in unexpected events of luck and coincidence.
  • It has been noted that individual’s using the Super Svetlitsa have been involved in fewer areas of disaster or accident.
  • Eliminating barriers
  • It helps to improve people’s understanding.
  • Reduces the levels of aggression
  • Reduced conflict in families.
  • Children begin to learn successfully and to behave adequately
  • Helps compensate for negative influences of electro-technical devices such as (computers, radios and cell phones)

The Super Svetlitsa is a Bio-Compensator
Definition – “bio” means life “Compensator” a device for neutralizing the influence of local attraction upon an object (example would be a compass needle)

  • It influences pathogenic factors on people.
  • It increases the quality of life by increasing the energy.
  • It restores the integrity of the individual.
  • It increases adaptive capabilities, restores informational relationships
  • It can takes away conflict and strains.
  • The influence of the Super Svetlitsa is multifaceted and is beneficial for the health of the entire vital system of the body.

Increasing energy potential


When used for 40 minutes

Methods of using the device

Restores the energy and systems of the individual

  • The Svetlitsa-Super should be worn close to the body (in the pocket or as a medallion) with the label towards the body;
  • At night you can put it under the pillow. This will clean your surroundings.
  • Your energy and your body will begin to restore themselves and you will gradually feel better.
  • In case of illness the individual should recover more quickly.
  • Any treatment prescribed by the doctor will show a faster results.
  • Pain should be reduced.
  • Blood test, should show beneficial changes. (the hemoglobin will rise, immunity will grow).

Purifying Drinking Water

The Super Svetlitsa influences practically all the parameters which characterize the organoleptic* properties of drinking water,
The microbe number, even the chemical composition. It mostly changes the information structure of water.

To activate the water

Place the device under the reservoir filled with water the label being upwards.
For a period of 20 – 30 minutes
The Water can be consumed in unlimited quantities;
The Water can be used for cooking, taking a bath and for animals.

Compensating of the influence of geopathogenic zones

Put the Super Svetlitsa in the centre of the discovered geopathogenic zone.
In the radius of 1 to 1.5 meters the device will compensate its influence.

“Being, affecting or relating to qualities (taste, colour, odour and touch) a substance that stimulates the sense organs” – (merriam-webster dictionary)

Protection of plants

Place the Super Svetlitsa under the potted plant with the label upwards.
In several days the plant should become stronger, growing faster.
Such a plant will improve the aura of your home or office.

How the device functions

The Super Svetlitsa has neither the source of energy nor any known physical fields.
It functions is based on the latest achievements in physics – the informational control of the “spatial-temporal” structure.

All objects have their own structure and are “submerged” into the “space-and-time” environment.
The “space-and-time” environment is not homogeneous,
Each structure interact and exchange information or energy.
Some structures cause hindrances or obstacles and distort the informational obstacles.

  • The Super Svetlitsa is constructed as a topological structure of the Mobius projective tore type (F-tore) with timeless characteristics.
  • It allows distortions to be taken in the monad interactions of the past-present-future aspects.
  • The Super Svetlitsa creates conditions for changing the space-and-time trajectory of movement.

To explain the work of the device let us consider the following example.

Suppose that we want to bake a cake according to the given recipe. If the recipe is written correctly and has no mistakes we can read it and do everything correctly. The result is a cake just as we intended it to be.

If the recipe is crumpled or dirty, then it is difficult to read the recipe.
For Example (there are distortions in the recipe).
While working with the dirty or crumpled recipe we waste time and may misunderstand the recipe.
The results may not be the cake we had intended.

Definition – SPATIAL (relating to space and the relationship of objects within it)
TEMPORAL (of or relating to time as opposed to eternity)
To Make the Cake we desired we must:

  • Straighten out or clean the recipe card,
  • Restore the informational exchange in the process of making the cake.

The Svetlitsa device restores the individual’s current distortions, just as straighten the recipe card improves the cake.

The Svetlitsa fulfills all the functions and continues to act even before the individual has another task or goal to accomplish.

The Super Svetlitsa is an intensifier – focuser
which distributes the spatial-temporal trace in the individual
it disperses after-effects of disintegration, as a mistake of inharmonious life
the space-and-time characteristics of the object acquire integrity.

The difference between the Super-Svetlitsa and other devices

The main difference is the ideology

The Super-Svetlitsa ideology is that of normalization; other devices use either the ideology of protection or harmonization.

The ideology is protection.

Assumes there are unfavorable factors against which it is advisable to protect yourself.

On the structural-informational level of interactions this task is solved by blocking the channel along which unfavourable structural information goes (on analogy with material protection for which different screens, filters, reflectors, obstacles).

In the short-term aspect such an ideology is effective

  • When a strong harmful factor exists, blocking the channel of an unfavourable effect can be helpful.
  • However the necessary information needed for making right decisions may be blocked as well. This can lead to a worse effect for the adaptive capabilities of the individual
  • In the long term use of protective devices are not desirable.
  • The ideology is of harmonization.

The laws of harmony in products, may be more subjective than objective.

Natural Harmonizers in the environment are items such as: stones, metals, wood.

The useful properties of stones are well-known.
This ideology with all its attractiveness has disadvantages.
The major disadvantage is that the world is constantly changing and the individual changes accordingly. The harmonizers should be changed as well.

An example of this is in different moon phases, different stones should be used; different types of wood should be used in different states. Some practitioners believe the harmonizers also depend on the date of birth of the individual. The harmonizer tunes you to a certain “melody” like a tuning fork. If the melody is one and the same all the time, then it is similar to singing one and the same song over and over. Individuals are constantly changing so therefore need to be re-tuned continually.

The ideology of the Super Svetlitsa is that of normalization.

Every object has its own structure, which determines the character of the interaction between an object and the other ones. The structure of a human is the most complex.
In the human structure there is everything to make a person healthy and happy. This is the norm. Numerous factors of outer environment prevent the individual from being normalized or balanced.

In reality there is a great difference between the norm and the real state of things. Interference of different factors leads to disorders in information channels and distorts the information coming towards the individual.

According to some researchers your aura illustrates the evidence as to how your information system receives the information. The aura provides access for information of the body and gives it out into the environment. The “holes” in the aura show disorders in the work of this information system (disruptions in the information channels).

The body constantly tries to restore the function of these channels, cleaning the aura. However, under some conditions, which were created in many cases by the individual, the body is not able to cope with the problem or restore the function and often wastes its energy.
The Super Svetlitsa helps the body restore the information channels. It does not bring outer structures into the body. Its main action is the coordination of your body with outer structures and the elimination of the conflict..

The Super Svetlitsa does not add outer energy. You have enough energy. It helps to eliminate a loss of energy.

An example –
If you use a dirty electric bulb. – If we clean the bulb there will be more light coming from it. The electric energy in the bulb did not change – it emits the same amount of light.

Similarly the Svetlitsa-Super restores your energy by lessening ineffective waste. Expenditure of energy to restore its own information system decreases. With this the effect of normalization is evident.

If we measure any parameters of the body (the parameters of endocrine, immune or any other system) we can see that the parameter increases when it is lower than the norm, and it decreases if it is above the norm.

Restoration of your information channel takes place and the adaptability and stability of the body increase.

If the parameters of the body are normal, then all is well.