Parenthood a sacred duty, temporary in its character, passing from generation to generation.

It carries with it nothing but service and call for no obligation in return from the young, since they must be left free to develop in their own way and become as fitted as possible to fulfill the same office in but a few years’ time.

Thus the Child should have no Restrictions, no Obligations and no Parental hindrances, knowing that parenthood had previously been bestowed on his father and mother and that it may be his duty to perform the same office for another.

Parents should be particularly on guard against any desire to mold the young personality according to their own ideas or wishes, and should refrain from any undue control or demand of favours in return for their natural duty and divine privilege of being the means of helping a soul to contact the world.

Any desire for control, or wish to shape the your life for personal motives, is a terrible form of greed and should never be countenanced, for if in the father or mother this takes root it will in later years lead them to be veritable vampires.

If there is the least desire to dominate, it should be checked at the onset.
We must refuse to be under the slavery of greed, which compels in us the wish to possess others. We must encourage in ourselves the art of giving and develop this until it has washed out by it sacrifice every trace of adverse action.

The Teacher should ever bear in mind that it is his office merely to be the agent of giving to the young guidance and an opportunity of learning the things of the world and of life, so that each child may absorb knowledge in his own way, and, if allowed freedom, instinctively choose that which is necessary for the success of his life.

In almost every home parents and children build themselves prisons from entirely false motives and a wrong conception of the relationship of parent and child.

These prisons bar the freedom, cramp the life, prevent the natural development and bring unhappiness to all concerned, and the mental, nervous and even physical disorders which afflict such people form a very large proportion indeed of the sickness of our present time.