Dolphin Pendant

The increasing spread of the world gets a new method of treatment in recent years – the dolphin. Currently, the world’s largest-scale application in the medical practice of dolphin takes the USA, on the 2nd – Mexico, and on the 3rd – Germany. Total worldwide are about 3,000 of the dolphin centers.

Dolphins – amazing animals with amazing abilities. Over the past 10 years, numerous studies conducted in different countries on the impact of these animals on human health. An indisputable fact is proved powerful positive effects in the treatment of numerous diseases. Maximum efficiency is manifested in the treatment of diseases associated with functional disorders of the various organ systems, metabolic disorders, and others. The presence of contraindications, oncology and epilepsy, is dictated by the undesirability of finding patients with such diseases in the pool.

But the biggest problem of the use of the dolphin therapy for the modern man is the high cost of the course (10 days – $ 2000), a special location (the inability to pass the dolphin therapy course in the place of residence). The difficulty also lies in the inability of children to swim. an opportunity to write down the Dolphins With DFI technology. Work was carried out on the basis of dolphinarium in the Republic of Egypt Hurghada. Use the pendant can be individual and collective. Wear it as a pendant can be hung up on the sternum or any problem areas. it is recommended to start with 5 minutes (to get used to high vibration) up to 3 hours per day up to 3 weeks for the elderly. You can put it under your pillow at night. Then, if necessary, to continue the course of treatment, done a week break and repeat the course. Term life pendant “Dolphin” is not limited!

When using the pendant “Dolphin” there is a gradual self-regulation of the nervous system – fade neuroses, depression, mood aligned, improved sleep, there is increased efficiency, increased fatigue threshold and fatigue, improves memory. An effective and accessible to all dolphin today – is to use the pendant “Dolphin”! Indications for use: cerebral palsy; early infantile autism; Down’s syndrome; minimal brain dysfunction; functional disorders of the CNS; mental retardation; speech disorder, hearing loss, hearing loss; neuroses, stress; depressive disorder; Alzheimer’s disease; memory disorders, learning disabilities.