Body Mapping

Bach Flower Body Mapping Skin Zones

Bach Flower Body Mapping Skin Zones are a further refinement of Bach Flower Therapy. Diagnosis and treatment by means of these physical reflex zones enable work with Bach flowers to be greatly simplified. In the case of physical problems, the relevant flower can be read directly from the body, due to the localization of the complaints.

External applications at that place, in the form of compresses, direct application almost always proves to be considerably more effective than if the respective flower is only taken internally. This usually allows recovery to be considerably more rapid. In many cases, only such local treatment of the affected zone results in improvement.

It has been observed in quite a number of cases in which the flower suitable for the affected site was taken internally for a lengthy period (sometimes more than six months), without the slightest effect on the existing complaints being seen. After external application of the same flower, there was a prompt improvement. And on the other hand, purely emotional problems are usually resolved considerably faster if the skin zones associated with the most important flowers for these cases are treated, as well as taking them internally, even if there are no complaints in those zones.

The considerably greater effect of Bach Flowers when applied via the respective skin zones – especially for physical problems – is understandable if we remember that this involves treating emotional problems exactly where they manifest themselves physically. Only when the negative vibration pattern is cancelled at that area will the physical malfunction also disappear, unless damage that cannot be corrected has already been done.

In essence, the Bach Flower Body Mapping Skin Zones are archetypical skin zones. All non-material medicaments that act on the archetypical negative emotional concepts first classified exactly by Edward Bach have a healing effect when applied to these zones, regardless of the type and character of the complaints existing there.

This includes certain aromatic oils and gemstones, which can be applied to these zones in a similar way to the Bach Flowers.
Below is an excerpt from the Bach Flower Body Maps. The numbers correspond to the customary numbering of Bach Flower Essences.

This system is available and part of all Meridian Energies Sessions!

Bach Flower Body Mapping Chart Example: