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Dolphin Pendant

The increasing spread of the world gets a new method of treatment in recent years – the dolphin. Currently, the world’s largest-scale application in the medical practice of dolphin takes the USA, on the 2nd – Mexico, and on the 3rd – Germany. Total worldwide are about 3,000 of the dolphin centers. Dolphins – amazing… read more »

This Is Health

A small child has decided to paint the picture of a house in time for a mother’s birthday. In her little mind the house is already painted; She knows, what it is to be like, down to the very smallest detail, there remains only to put it on paper. To the best of her ability… read more »


Paul McDonald from Meridian Energies sits down to discuss biophotons/ bio-resonance /GDV with Daytime Toronto’s Chris Greidanus. Meridian Energies featured on CHCH explaining bio-resonance / photon measuring. Biophotons Explained Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions of biological systems, are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – in other words: light. All living… read more »

Svetlisa – OECH U-SEE

Front room – OECH U-SEE (bandage) Blindfolds , OECH U-SEE is a systemic view of the adapter. Imagine that you have a tool that helps you to change the world for the better, lets see it from an unexpected source, and open it something new, previously unknown. Dressing OECH U-SEE is such a tool. It… read more »

Svetlitsa series LAD

System adapter to improve the safe use of mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens and other appliances. Modern electrical devices, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens and other devices designed without taking into account the quantum agreement. Very often, their structures are in conflict with the quantum structure of the person and violating his interaction… read more »

Svetlitsa – VITA

Will the Svetlitsa reduce alcohol dependence? These and similar questions are often sent to us. And we say YES! WILL HELP! Methods of using the device “Svetlitsa – VITA” Recovering energy and systems of the body carry the device close to the body (eg, in a pocket or as a medallion) label to himself, and… read more »

Econorm Auto Card Alignment

It is a device for cleaning the space of the automobile from information distortions connected with different types of pathogenic influences of the environment. Information distortions lead to disorders of functioning of natural information structures, and elimination of them allows all the objects to function optimally. Ecological parameters of automobiles become much better. The device… read more »

Spinor Air Bracelet

Spinor Air – is the smallest UHF-machine in the world. It works only in one mode: “universal UHF” lasting 1 minute. This mode is similar to the second mode in devices and LCD spinor spinor Mini, ie in Eire built ordinary yellow emitter. This means that the machine is smaller than a matchbox, can be… read more »


Spinor it is intended for the treatment of clients with low-intensity background radiation and electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency (EHF) and light infrared (IR) range when exposed to biologically active points of the body and the areas of the skin. More Information Spinor  is effective for the treatment of many diseases, especially in the… read more »